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Keep current with the latest in electrical
At White Creek Lumber, we have a complete inventory to handle
everything from an easy do-it-yourself project to wiring an entire building.
We’re also happy to introduce you to a great local, licensed professional for
any size job.
We Offer:
Conduit and Fittings: PVC and Thin Wall
Detectors for Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Radon
Extension Cords
Fuses and Breakers
Generators and accessories
Light Bulbs
Light Fixtures, Work Lights and Shop Lights
Outlets and Switches
Phone and TV Connections
Servalite® Repair Parts
Wiring: Romex®, Cat 5®, Coaxial, Lamp Cord, Low Voltage, Copper
Ground, SO Cable, THH
Wiring Accessories
Wiring Tools including Fishtape, Waterproof Connections and Lubricants
And much, much more!